Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mirage Cuts Off Our Parlay Action

DATELINE: Las Vegas, Nevada

Tom: The Mirage cut me off yesterday on $5 parlay cards. I better lose there the next few days with some straight bets. I sent you another Fedex package.

John: Don't get greedy.

John: Time is fluid. By knowing the future, the future will be different. But geophysical events, like earthquakes or comets don't change. That is why I must have self contained time travel apparatus. I have to depend on myself to get back to the future. It would happen in any case, just by my presence now in your time changes history.

Tom: Bring back the exact time and date and magnitude of that Great Quake. We have to warn them.

John: I doubt they would believe us. Two many phonies out there. So easy to spot, you go to their websites and there are advertisements or they are charging a hundred bucks for a lecture, or trying to sell their latest book. I am talking to you because I have known you the last ten years. I appreciate your help in looking for computer equipment and funding my operations. I know you will never advertise, never try to sell a book, never sell sports picks and never go on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. You make plenty of money as it is. You must allow people to make comments here too without moderation.

Tom: Yeah, you can spot those guys a mile away. Always a book to sell. I think people can make comments on here. I have not tested that yet though. We should warn the world of any upcoming earthquakes. Maybe not give them an exact time, just say this week there will be a big quake, but give them the exact location and warn of tsunamis. Will, I better hit the sports books. I will make sure I lose big at the Mirage today. Who are the winners?

John: Just giving you five picks, no more parlay cards for awhile.  Take the Giants,  Seattle, Rockies, Colorado and San Diego.

Tom: Thanks John, gonna hit the books hard....


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