Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Romney to Announce Soon - Painful Campaign Shakeup Now Underway - 177th Now Part of the Campaign - Job Creation is the Message

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The 177th team is now embedded with the Romney campaign. The team has advised President Romney to formally announce as soon as possible. This campaign in critical for America. The mission of the 177th is clear and simple - Romney must be elected President in 2012. His campaign this year has to be different than the 2008 campaign, with clear and unambiguous positions on the issues. The key number is 270, the number of electoral votes to win. The campaign will concentrate on the economy and jobs. Look for a formal announcement as early as next week.


Key to Victory in 2012: Its all about getting those 270 votes. This is where we stand today. The purple states are the tossup states, the campaign will be concentrating on three states: Florida, Nevada and Ohio. These three states are the key to a Romney victory. Since the Civil War through the 2032 elections, Nevada has been the best predictor of the presidential election. As Nevada goes, so goes the nation.

2012 Final: Romney 274 electoral votes, Obama 266 electoral votes

Why Romney Can Win, by George Will:
Ten states that will lose electoral votes because of the 2010 census. Eight of those went for Obama in 2008.
The states that gave John McCain 173 electoral votes in 2008 now have 180 electoral votes.
A GOP nominee need only hold those states and gain Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, Virginia and Nevada to get the 272 electoral votes to win the election.
78% of the citizenry is dissatisfied with the direction the country is going.
43% of the most severe unemployment in the last 63 years has occurred in the last two and half years.
No postwar president has sought re-election with 8 percent unemployment.
Obama won all, but only, states where Bush’s favorable rating was below 35 percent in 2008.
Obama was a relatively blank slate in 2008. He won only 53 percent of the popular vote. He won’t be a novelty the second time around.

Mitt's vice president, Herman Cain, did well in the first Republican candidate debate:

Mitt Romney's vice president, Herman Cain:

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