Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Time Traveling Toddler: Crackpot Andrew Basiago Makes Ed Dames Look Like Nostradamus

DATELINE: Las Vegas, Nevada

Who is the best dressed time traveler? Pictures above, Andrew Basiago at top, age five and John Titor, age eight here - We got a phone call today from our time traveler friend and baseball betting partner, John Titor, who is in Omaha, Nebraska today. He had just heard the Coast to Coast show with "time traveler" Andrew Basiago. He was wondering how such a show as Coast to Coast AM could put on such a crackpot for four hours. John agreed to do a short interview with us on the phone after listening to this show:

Tom Verona: Thanks for agreeing to this interview John.

John Titor: I had to say something about this guy Andrew Basiago. He said he is a time traveler but could not give us any information about the future. He claims to have been teleported to Mars, which would have certainly killed him. Its beyond me how anyone could believe such a crackpot as this guy. He kind of reminds me of that Dr. Doom guy.

Tom Verona: Ed Dames, yeah I don't think any of that guys predictions have come true.

John Titor: The guy claims to be a lawyer from Seattle and a time traveler and he does not even warn the people about the Great Quake ahead for the Pacific Northwest. Even Ed Dames has put out an earthquake warning I see for the New Madras area. Of course, there will be no big earthquake there in your near future.

Tom Verona: The guy is a real name dropper, he claims to have seen Abraham Lincoln at the Gettysburg Address. He claims to be the kid below, with his hands in his pockets and big shoes on, facing the camera. What a crock, LOL.

John Titor: LOL. You can't even make out the kid's face. He give us absolutely no proof of being a time traveler. What a fraud, LOL.

Tom Verona: Well they could say the same thing about you John.

John Titor: True enough, too many crazies in the soup! Ask me a question about the future Tom.

Tom Verona: Who will out next president be?

John Titor: Mitt Romney

Tom Verona: Thanks John. I sent you some more money yesterday. Got your sports almanac handy?

John Titor: Plays today, Yankees, Philly, Tampa Bay, Mets, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cubs, Texas, White Sox, St. Louis, Minnesota, Arizona, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Seattle and San Francisco. Be sure to make sure you have more losing days, take some of the heat off.

Tom Verona: They look at me funny now when I go into the Mirage, after that parlay last week.

John Titor: Cool it on the parlays, bet straight up.

Tom Verona: Talk to you later John


The difference between Venusian women and Martian women:

George Adamski told us the Venusian women were blonde and good looking:

Andrew Basiago tells us the Martian women are built bigger and tougher than the fragile Venusians. Their bodies are "rock hard," LOL:

PIA10214: This picture is supposed to be the one that reveals life on Mars, click on the picture to enlarge it - do you see signs of past life on Mars in this picture?:

The Discovery of Life on Mars by Andrew D. Basiago

The Discovery of Life on Mars by Andrew D. Basiago PDF File

Time traveler toddler Andrew Basiago at the Free Your Mind Conference: Time Travel, DARPA and More:


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  6. Jerry: Everyone wants the big bucks, no one wants to talk about philosophy or having read a good book. Today to make money, just look to the San Francisco Giants to not get sweeped by the Phillies. The Giants win today.

  7. wow john u were right the giants did winn 3-1!!...but if this really is you then y dnt u tk me with you to 2036 to prove ur wnt affect this worldline so it should be ok>...?..wat say john?

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  9. I'm the guy who gave the Sonic Resonator schematic to Steve Gibbs in 1985...and from that he invented time travel. I don't believe the John Titor story is a hoax...I think it goes into a different category : unconfirmed. He hasn't stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself or verify his story. As long as it remains a mystery...millions of dvd's and books and videos will continue to sell. Follow the money trail...where does it take you..does it end up in 2036? Figure it out. Andrew Basiago on the other hand is real and he's available...I spoke to him on the phone. His story is confirmed. He's a lawyer and an esquire. There's no mystery. He's being criticized by opinions stated by individuals who are not authorized to comment on something they are not qualified to talk about.

  10. My time machine requires a flux capacitor, I have one on back order for the last 3 years. as soon as it arrives, I will be able to time travel too.

    1. Fool! You can't just ORDER one. You have to build it in your basement or garage.

  11. said mitt romney would be president and another said barrack obama.. imo they're just getting people to do a 50/50 flip. if the guess is right then no one can say otherwise, however, if time travel was real, then going to the future you would experience real life and would be able to state correctly the following events. in being said that. mitt romney isnt president, therefore is a nice story from someone crazy and nothing more.

  12. Our next president is not Mitt Romney. Plain as day

  13. All hail president Romney..